Our passion is making our clients’ space new. Whether it's a fresh color on walls, an update of kitchen cabinets, or transforming the exterior of a home, we are excited to work with all of our clients to make their vision a reality. 

As a team member of Renew Painting, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. We are first and foremost a family, which means a team-oriented environment is highly valued in our eyes. However, showing up and working together is not just what we do here at Renew Painting. We value the work that is put in on a daily basis, we value the relationships that are built within our network, and most of all, we value you! Your time and hard work deserves to be appreciated, and Renew Painting is committed to showing just how much our team members mean to us. 

"Renew Painting is a wonderful company to be apart of. Leaders are continuously pouring knowledge into me, allowing me to not only meet but exceed my personal and professional goals."


"I like working at Renew because my co-workers work hard, expect nothing less than greatness from one another, and strive to help each other out whatever the case may be. They are just great human beings that I call my friends."


Shane Fast

For over 10 years Shane worked in vocational ministry and was privileged to start and lead several non-profits and a church. During that time, Shane enjoyed remodeling houses he lived in, and eventually started a nonprofit that remodeled homes for rent or sale. As Shane completed his seminary degree, he used the things he had learned to both beautify other spaces as well as provide for his family's financial needs. Since completing his degree, Shane continued to grow this business with the help of others, including his talented wife and 3 children.