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6920 Garth RD Baytown, TX 77521 • Customer Service • Part-Time

Are you searching for a friendly, professional dental team in Baytown, TX? Then, look no further than Dr. Kamdi Irondi of Kam Dental. With a specialty in creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Irondi has extensive expertise in offering services that will offer patients oral healthcare needs in a relaxing and welcoming environment.


Baytown Dental is searching for a dental assistant that can performs a variety of dental assisting duties while promoting quality dental care for patients in a safe environment of minimal stress. Assists the doctor, teaches the patients how to care for their teeth and oral appliances. This dental assistant communicates effectively with patients and/or parents, maintains equipment and inventory, and follows universal precautions and all OSHA
requirements. The dental assistant will follow office protocol by maintaining a safe workplace for employees maintaining the hazardous chemicals labeling system; adhering to infection control protocol, and the management of all aspects of infectious and/or hazardous waste.


  • Exceptional human relation and patient skills
  • Ability to work with people of all ages
  • Ability get along with people
  • Ability to maintain outgoing, friendly attitude with patients and staff even under pressure
  • Ability to work with interruptions and to manage multiple priorities (multi-task)
  • Accuracy to write clearly, concisely, logically, and legibly
  • Manual dexterity
  • Ability to complete tasks within specified time frame


  • Skills consistent with Dental Assisting and Four-Handed Dentistry concepts
  • Leadership skills to encourage clinical adeptness, teamwork and communication with patients
  • Presentation skills to develop preventive attitudes and knowledge in every patient
  • Professionalism, discretion, integrity, honesty, and dedication


  • Thursday and Friday job with one Saturday a month. 8:30am to 5pm Thursday. 8:30am to 3pm on Fridays and Saturday.


  • Bonus based on production.
  • Vacation
  • Paid holidays

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