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Our goal is to help people love the space they're in. That means employees who love what they do to provide for themselves and their families and our customers who we help improve their homes, work sites, and public locations. 

We believe that faith is the number 1 value we have and that we can demonstrate.  We are here for a reason, and that reason is found in John 3:16.  

Not everyone is a fit for us and not everyone likes or wants to do what we do- and that is great! We are looking for the best fit for our company, it may be you, it may not- we want you to find what you are good at, do what you are good at, use the talents and abilities that the Lord has blessed you with so you will be successful- happy- productive. Not just with work but in your home as well. 

God Bless!!

Independent Painting Contractors

345 S McLean Blvd Elgin, IL 60123 • General Labor • Full-Time

Salary Range: 

$25 - $30 hour


Job Posting - Independent Painting Contractors

Job Posting - Independent Painting Contractors

Company: Dfranco Painting And Wallpaper

Industry: Construction-Painting

Skill Level: Entry Level

Position Type: Full-Time contractor

Salary Range: 60% payout- we pay all materials

Remote: Not a Remote Job

Department: Painter/Decorator

Job Description

We are searching for Independent Painting Contractors to join our team at Dfranco Painting And Wallpaper. As an Independent Painting Contractor, you will be responsible for conducting interior painting projects. You must have a strong attention to detail and be skilled in various painting techniques. Our company values high-quality work and exceptional customer service. This is an entry-level position in the construction industry.

Job Responsibilities

  • Perform interior painting tasks following clear written work orders and estimates provided by the company.
  • Handle drywall repairs, including filling holes and fixing imperfections.
  • Paint ceilings, walls, and trim using brushes, rollers, and sprayers.
  • Apply caulk to ensure smooth and seamless surfaces.
  • Remove wallpaper (if applicable) and prepare surfaces for painting.
  • Communicate effectively with the office and customers on job sites, (in English)
  • Take pictures of completed projects using cell phone for documentation.


  • Must have liability insurance.
  • Prove work comp insurance.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Possess a cell phone for texting and photo documentation.
  • Fluent in English for effective communication with office and customers.

What We Provide

  • Clear written work orders and estimates for each project.
  • Company t-shirts.
  • All necessary materials such as paint, caulk, and durabond.

Please note that you will need to supply your own roller sleeves, paint trays, brushes, hand tools, and drop cloths for the job.


Our work is primarily based in the Northern Kane County/southern Mchenry County area, including locations such as Elgin, Huntley, and Crystal Lake.

About the Company

Dfranco Painting And Wallpaper is a reputable construction company specializing in painting and wallpaper services. Our mission is to have the best and highest-paid professionals in the area, who take pride in their work and achieve customer satisfaction. We strive to keep our team employed year-round with a steady flow of projects.

If you are an experienced and skilled independent painting contractor looking to join a dedicated team and contribute to high-quality projects, please apply with your resume and portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you!

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