We are glad you're here and checking us out!

Our goal is to help people love the space they're in. That means employees who love what they do to provide for themselves and their families and our customers who we help improve their homes, work sites, and public locations. 

We believe that faith is the number 1 value we have and that we can demonstrate.  We are here for a reason, and that reason is found in John 3:16.  

Not everyone is a fit for us and not everyone likes or wants to do what we do- and that is great! We are looking for the best fit for our company, it may be you, it may not- we want you to find what you are good at, do what you are good at, use the talents and abilities that the Lord has blessed you with so you will be successful- happy- productive. Not just with work but in your home as well. 

God Bless!!

Wallpaper Hangar/Apprentice/Artisan $17-$30 hr

345 S McLean Blvd Elgin, IL 60123 • Full-Time


Are you ready for something Different?

If you are an experienced wallpaper installer- we would love you to be part of our company! 

If you are an artisan and want to use those talents to learn how to install wallpaper then we would love to see if this is a fit for you and train you in the art of wallpaper installations!

We are not your ordinary contractor.

We want to see you thrive in your craft. We want to develop you into a craftsman! 

We want you:

  • to have fun with what you do
  • to be proud of what you do
  • to help other people getting the look they want in their home
  • be part of a team of people

what does it take to be a wallpaper installer?

  • to be able to think about the job your doing, 
  • to be able to measure walls 
  • that you can see or make things symmetrical
  • to see color, see patterns
  • be patient, and efficient
  • that you can work in tall or tight spaces
  • working on ladders 
  • asking for help and learning will never stop due to the continuing changes of the wallpaper industry and manufacturing process

look forward to hearing form you! 

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