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We are glad you're here and checking us out!

Our goal is to help people love the space they're in. That means employees who love what they do to provide for themselves and their families and our customers who we help improve their homes, work sites, and public locations. 

We believe that faith is the number 1 value we have and that we can demonstrate.  We are here for a reason, and that reason is found in John 3:16.  

Not everyone is a fit for us and not everyone likes or wants to do what we do- and that is great! We are looking for the best fit for our company, it may be you, it may not- we want you to find what you are good at, do what you are good at, use the talents and abilities that the Lord has blessed you with so you will be successful- happy- productive. Not just with work but in your home as well. 

God Bless!!

Painter/Apprentice/decent human beings

345 S McLean Blvd Elgin, IL 60123

So, are you ready for something Different? 

Our Goal this year is to Develop 12 people to be craftsmen of their trade, to transform 425 homes, and to make sure we have 45 days of jobs booked at all times. We will do this because our Mission is to help people and business transform their space so they will love the space they are in!  Do you want to help us do that? 

We are looking for great people who:

  •  are tired of trading time for money
  • who don't like where their working
  • who love helping other people
  • who want to work with their hands to improve the lives and homes of other people
  • that enjoy learning new things
  • that want to ENJOY what they do 
  • That want to be creative with taking photos and videos that will be used on company social sites
  • that want to be able to control how much they make because they do good work

We hope this is you. We hope you can help us in what we do;

  • painting interiors of homes
  • installing and removing wallpaper
  • refinishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Enjoy getting paid for doing a good job, you actually get rewarded for good work, a bonus for finishing early!

Enjoy paid vacations, medical benefits, and company events such as campouts and movie nights!! 


Location: Elgin, IL
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: $17 - $26 /per hour
Skill Level: Entry Level

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