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We believe a happy smile starts by creating an awesome patient experience. At Every Smile we strive to create happiness for our community through meaningful service, communication, compassion, and integrity.


We improve the health of a smile through quality dental care, disease prevention, education, skilled practitioners, and modern technologies. At Every Smile, we promote health by providing a safe and clean environment.


We believe in the power of a smile. We want everyone to be proud of their smile because a smile can change the world. Our dentists in Mesa, Arizona, offer a wide range of services to help people create their most beautiful smile.

Our Values

Power of a Smile: Happiness and Fun

Compassion: Warmth, Empathy, and Caring

Sound Business Principles: Efficiency, Integrity, and Accountability

Education: Ongoing Training and Modern Technologies

Safety: Cleanliness


Excellence: Quality, Passionate Service, and Commitment

Full-time Dental Hygienist

1760 W. Main St Mesa, AZ 85201

Come join our TEAM! We believe a happy smile starts with a team that creates an awesome patient experience. We build this experience at our practices with compassion, caring, and communication. Happiness comes from practicing sound business principles based on efficiency and integrity. Finally, we can create happiness for ourselves and others through meaningful service in our practices and our community.

We have large, fully digitized offices and paperless charts with great team members looking to add great hygienists. 

We offer Medical, Dental, Vision & PTO.

Dental Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities 

● Talk to patients and make sure they feel comfortable 

● Clean dental instruments to ensure everything is sterilized properly 

● Perform preliminary dental examinations 

● Look for signs of gum disease, infections, or cavities 

● Remove plaque and apply fluoride or other sealants to prevent cavities and tooth decay ● Explain good oral hygiene techniques to patients of all ages 

● Provide post-operative health education to patients 

● Create dental impressions of patients’ teeth so veneers, mouth-guards, etc. 

● Take x-ray images of the patients’ teeth 

● Work with dentists to decide the best form of treatment for a variety of dental disease ● Keep detailed records of each patient’s visit and update their health history 

Dental Hygienist Requirements 

● Bachelor’s degree or master's degree in registered dental hygiene program preferred, associate’s degree required. 

● At least 1-2 years of experience in dental hygiene 

● Has dental hygienist licensure in the state where the job is located 

● Current CPR certification 

● Understands HIPAA regulations and all dentistry safety guidelines 

● Able to stand up for long periods of time to administer dental exams and procedures ● Strong communication skills, interpersonal skills, and customer service skills

Desert Family Dental(3days) & Every Smile Mesa(1day)-Full-time: 

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 6:45am to 4:00pm with 1-hour lunch

Thursday: 7:45am to 5:00pm with 1-hour lunch

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Location: Mesa, AZ
Employment Type: Full-Time
Skill Level: Not Applicable
Functions: Healthcare
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