PMV Custom Finishes is a family-owned and operated residential and commercial painting company located in Portage, Mich. However, we are so much more than that! We are a team of professionals and skilled artisans that come together Monday through Friday to provide a high level painting experience for all our customers.

We acknowledge that work must be more fulfilling than what we do in our trade—painting walls, ceilings, trim, etc. My goal as the President of PMV Custom Finishes is to create a work environment where we celebrate each other's wins and also support each other during losses or other difficult times. We are not looking for more employees, we are looking for more team members!  

When you take a position with PMV Custom Finishes, you are taking a step into a family that will come along side you and provide support and encouragement as you and your family navigate life. What exactly does that mean?  

I hope you will consider a career in painting with our company!

Phil VanderLaan, Owner/President

Apprentice Painter

1701 Vanderbilt Avenue Portage, MI 49024 • Administrative • Customer Service • General Labor • Full-Time

Salary Range:  $16.00 - $20.00 hour


 ✔ Why spend so much for college, incur that debt, and apply for jobs that are full… when you can start immediately

 reaching your goals before your peers?

 ✔ Learnatrade and askill you can take with you and make a living anywhere!

 ✔ Painters will be in demand for the predictable future, so you’ll enjoy competitive pay and opportunities for


 Join Our Team To Make The Money You Want, Doing Beautiful Things In A Variety Of Environments, While Becoming a

 Craftsperson In A Timeless, Respectable Trade!

 PMV Custom Finishes (Portage, MI), an established and growing painting contracting company is now accepting applications for an individual who is

 organized, analytical, a stickler for quality & thoughtful systems to join our team. You will be working with an involved owner and you will feel

 comfortable with our small, supportive management team, and group of great employees.


 Since 2001, we have provided great service while providing high-quality painting in homes and businesses

 in our area. Our clients hire us for our high end and decorative interior painting services. The families we

 serve value quality and craftsmanship and they LOVE our polite, pleasant, reliable staff who communicate

 well and show up when we’re supposed to. We’re not your typical painting contractor. We value principles,

 care about the high quality of our work, and continuously learn how to improve our service.


 Apprenticeship / Learning:

 ● Learn our methods of proper prep, painting, teamwork, customer service

 ● Work collaboratively with your dedicated trainer to learn from their experience and expertise

 ● Continually look for educational opportunities from coworkers, industry leaders, on-the-job scenarios

 ● Learn and understand painting product knowledge- paint types, uses, tools, supplies, methods

 ● Learn and follow our safety protocols

 ● Learn to identify problems and find resourceful solutions to solving them

 ● Learn the PMV Way-what we love, why we do what we do, who we love working with, how we serve others

 Jobsite / Production:

 ● Arrive to the jobsite in professional attire, ready to work at the starting time

 ● Physical labor including, climbing, carrying ladders & supplies, constant movement

 ● Attend occasional company meetings and outings

 ● Continue developing skills and knowledge in order to perform tasks within our established production rates

 ● Produce painting work from start through finish- brushing, rolling, masking, etc.

 ● Work collaboratively with coworkers to complete jobs in a predictable, organized, and timely way

 Customer Service:

 ● Be courteous and helpful with customers and immediately report any issues they have

 ● Look for ways to go the extra mile for clients and provide a 5-star service, so we receive 5-star reviews


 ● Report work time accurately and apply the hours to the appropriate customer project

 ● Report all customer complaints, jobsite hazards, and other potential problems immediately


 ● Personally Accountable– You take responsibility for yourself, your work, and your goals, positive or negative

 ● Self-Management– You are good at demonstrating self-control and an ability to manage time and priorities

 ● Diplomacy and Tact– You are good at treating others fairly, regardless of personal biases or beliefs

 ● Teamwork-You prefer and enjoy working effectively and productively with like-minded others

 ● Flexibility– Though a consistent person, you can be agile and willing to adapt to change when needed

 ● Customer Focused–You are committed to and good at identifying and satisfying clients’ needs


 ● No experience required, however you must be teachable and have a willingness to learn

 ● Experience working in other trades or hobbies; working with your hands/body could be helpful, but not required

 ● Willingness and ability to work in various environments and conditions, including heights and heat

 ● Comfortable and willing to use current phone technology

 ● Ability to pass illegal drug and background checks

 ● Current driver’s license and insurability


 ● Work hours are between 7:00am- 5:00pm (7-3:30 for commercial jobs | 8-4:30 for residential jobs)

 ● Over time opportunities


 ● $16-$20 per hour to start

 ● We have a tiered apprenticeship program so you can advance as fast as you are willing to learn!

 ● Employee health insurance paid 50% by company

 ● 6 Paid Holidays, 5 days PTO at six months employment

 ● Retirement- Simple IRA with 3% company match


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