PMV Custom Finishes is a family-owned and operated residential and commercial painting company located in Portage, Mich. However, we are so much more than that! We are a team of professionals and skilled artisans that come together Monday through Friday to provide a high level painting experience for all our customers.

We acknowledge that work must be more fulfilling than what we do in our trade—painting walls, ceilings, trim, etc. My goal as the President of PMV Custom Finishes is to create a work environment where we celebrate each other's wins and also support each other during losses or other difficult times. We are not looking for more employees, we are looking for more team members!  

When you take a position with PMV Custom Finishes, you are taking a step into a family that will come along side you and provide support and encouragement as you and your family navigate life. What exactly does that mean?  

I hope you will consider a career in painting with our company!

Phil VanderLaan, Owner/President

Wood Finishing Crew Lead

1701 Vanderbilt Avenue Portage, MI 49024 • Production • Project Management • Full-Time

Salary Range: 

$25 - $27 hour


PMV Custom Finishes - Wood Finishing division is growing! We are looking for someone to fill a hybrid role as a shop tech and a crew lead. The perfect candidate for this role will have experience with wood finishing (prep, paint, stain) as well as managing a production team.

At PMV Custom Finishes we lead with our values: Demonstrate Respect / Have Integrity / Be Resourceful / Cultivate Growth. The person who fits this special role in our Wood Finishing division lives these values too. We're looking for someone who can lead our talented technicians with care and compassion so that they can be successful. Someone who cares deeply about working hard to produce the best results possible and who is willing to do what it takes to help their team shine. Someone who loves a challenge, who gets excited to find new solutions to problems. Someone who loves learning, teaching, and being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Excited? Keep reading for a detailed description of this job - we can't wait to hear from you!


  • Bill 25 hours per week producing finished goods

  • Organize and maintain assigned area

    • Clear off work counters at end of each shift

    • Restock prep supplies every friday to maintain assigned min/max levels of supplies

    • Put away all manual and power tools to their proper storage location

    • Put away all liquid materials and ensure all lids are sealed tight

    • Empty solvent collection can and any other waste bucket

  • Maintain equipment inside assigned area:

    • Ensure all daily, and scheduled maintenance is completed on spray pumps

      • Yearly Repack

      • Daily flushing

      • Daily filter cleaning

      • Daily gun cleaning

    • Ensure spray booth is in good operation.

      • Report any issues (such as poor ventilation, odd sounds from motors/fans, lighting problems, and compressed air problems) to Crew Leader (in this case - Shop Operations Manager)

  • Spray various coatings as needed in spray booth:

    • Primers

    • Sealers

    • Top Coats

    • Stains

    • Toners

    • Glazes

  • Spray various types of projects:

    • Cabinetry Parts / Pcs

    • Lineal Goods

    • Furniture Pcs (indoor and outdoor)

    • Misc wood parts requiring a finish


  • Meet daily with Shop Ops Manager

    • Update on production for day

    • Update on any anticipated delays in the production schedule

    • Request any inventory needs, products for current projects

    • Report any safety concerns

  • Meet daily with shop floor team:

    • Morning Huddle 

      • Encourage hard work 

      • Provide positive feedback to at least one employee on yesterday’s performance

      • Show work board for today’s shift - provide any needed SOP’s for today’s work

    • Afternoon Shut Down

      • Call time for shut down to begin

      • Supervise the teams completion of their assigned shut down duties

      • Lock up shop at end of shift

  • Training

    • Use everyday opportunities to teach skills to the floor team

      • Explain the why behind the how

    • Train team members to improve their competency in various skills in order to help elevate the employee’s level of pay and responsibility

    • Train team in the following skills:

      • spraying techniques

      • proper cleaning / shutdown procedures

      • preparing surfaces for primer and stain

      • proper masking of cabinetry / furniture / other items

  • Supervision

    • Supervise the team and encourage good work habits that will accelerate our production in the shop

    • Ensure that staff are maintaining cleanliness and order of their working spaces

    • Supervise the Quality Control process

      • Responsible to ensure parts are inspected properly prior to shipping

  • Evaluation of Skills

    • Provide evaluation feedback to Shop Ops Manager on individuals skill levels

    • Evaluate employees skills to assess competency

    • Provide areas needing improvement to Shop Ops Manager

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