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4203 Spencer Street Torrance, CA 90503 • Business Development • Project Management • Sales • Full-Time

Company Values 

Values form the foundation of the company. Adhering to our values will help us build a strong and healthy organization. 

  • Always do your best work
  • Look and Act professional
  • Treat others how you want to be treated 

Deliverables and Accountabilities


The Sales Consultant is the first face that a customer of Sucro Painting sees, which sets the standard for what they will expect moving forward.  The Sales Consultant is responsible for maximizing customer relations and maintaining high ethical standards in all aspects of communication and behavior throughout the sales generation process.  The company’s brand and reputation relies on the proper execution of the responsibilities of this role.  

The areas of accountability are as follows:


  • Sell a minimum of $750,000 in revenue in the 2023 season.
  • Maintain a cumulative Sales Ratio (SR) of at least 40%.
  • Maintain an Average Job Size (AJS) of $5,000 across the season.
  • Maintain an average Gross Profit margin (GP) on all jobs of at least 45%.
  • Maintain and increase market share by self-generating at least 30% of all leads to be estimated.


Deliverable 1 – Revenue Target Achievement:

  • Follow up on leads received and assigned by the Sucro Painting office.
  • Respond to and communicate with customers within 24 hours.
  • Attend all scheduled in person estimates with existing and prospective customers as set up by the Sucro Painting office.
  • Follow Sucro Painting’s sales system.
  • Perform follow up touchpoints with all outstanding customers bi-weekly

Deliverable 2 – Sales Ratio (SR) Success

  • Adhere to Sucro Painting’s sales presentation and estimating procedures.
  • Document all areas of job using photos and videos while completing an estimate.
  • Take specific measurements of all areas to ensure proper pricing for each job.
  • Determine reason for unsuccessful sale for all Sales Appointments to expand learning.
  • Provide all customer submissions and respond to all customer inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Incentivize or give customers a reason to sign on the spot (within what is reasonable).

Deliverable 3 – Average Job Size (AJS) Maintenance

  • Ensure correct neighborhood is selected for canvassing.
  • Perform quotes only in neighborhoods with appropriate household income.
  • Upsell by selling value, not price. 

Deliverable 4 – Gross Profit (GP) Maintenance

  • Be conscious of opportunities to upsell current work.
  • Do not sell yourself short; be sure to complete all necessary steps to ensure we are selling a job at the correct price.

Deliverable 5 – Market Share Development

  • Immediately record all leads in Sucro Painting lead tracking system.
  • Discuss with all customers Sucro Painting’s Referral Program and make referrals the highest priority.
  • Canvas all current job sites and develop Cold Calling team to canvas high earning neighborhoods.
  • If time allows, canvas high earning neighborhoods when completing an estimate. 
  • Network with industry professionals (i.e. business owners, property management companies, real estate agents, etc.).
  • Register for at least one networking group and attend meetings as required.
  • Creatively market yourself and the Sucro Painting brand using out of the box techniques (i.e. video, magazine articles, etc.). 


  • Report directly to the owner of Sucro Painting
  • Attend GSR meetings on time with prep completed by Monday at 10 AM.  GSRs will be held Weekly.
  • Maintain and update accurate data for all previously listed administrative responsibilities as per individual submission deadlines.


  • As the initial link between the customer and Sucro Painting’s Production Team, the Sales Consultant has project knowledge which may be required in a timely manner.  It is expected that all texts, emails, and/or phone calls received from the Production Manager and/or Client are returned as soon as possible.

Compensation Structure

During the initial 6 month training period Sales Consultants will be paid a salary of $1000 / week. After the training period Sales People are paid salary at a rate of $800 / week plus commission as detailed below.

Commission Package

  • 4% of all sales booked by the Sales Consultant from incoming leads generated by Sucro Painting (Repeat customers, referrals from past customers, any lead coming from paid advertising from Sucro Painting, upsells on current projects). Jobs must be completed with a minimum of 40% Gross Profit to be eligible. 
  • 5% of all sales booked by the Sales Consultant from incoming leads generated by the Sales Consultant (door to door canvassing, networking, personal contacts). Jobs must be completed with a minimum of 40% Gross Profit to be eligible.
  • All Sales People will be paid weekly on Fridays. The pay period encompasses the previous week's work and payment is by direct deposit. Commissions are paid after job is completed and payment from customer is received.

Hours of Work

40-45 hours over Monday to Saturday  8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Hours worked will vary by Sales Consultant as required to fulfill on their Deliverables and with seasonality. Hours in the summer season may be longer than those in the winter season. 

Overtime Hours

In the summer season a small amount of overtime hours may be required. If hours reach over 45 hours per week, those hours will be paid at $25 / hour. 

Vacation Pay 

Vacation pay is based on tenure with the company and is initially 2 weeks. Vacation pay must be requested two weeks in advance. Vacation pay will be paid out when requested from an employee on the next applicable pay check. 

Employee Benefits 

Employee benefits are not covered by Sucro Painting. 

Performance and Wage Review 

Performance reviews will take place on a semi-annual basis. 

Raises are performance and experience based and are not guaranteed. 

General Expectations

Equipment & Vehicle

It is expected that all Sales People have a valid driver’s license.

Sucro Painting will provide all Sales People with a wrapped company vehicle as necessary for business use. 

Sales People must follow all vehicular laws.  This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a valid driver’s license, driving within posted speed limits, refraining from cell phone use, ensuring equipment is attached securely and trailers have appropriate wiring connected for signal lighting, obeying traffic control signals, parking in the appropriate area, paying for parking, maintaining proper driving composure, etc.

Sales People will not be paid for the use of their personal vehicle. Sales People are responsible for all tickets, fines, and/or penalties which occur.

Tools, Technology and Marketing Materials

All tools, technology and marketing materials and will be provided by Sucro Painting and are expected to be used and taken care of as if they were your own.  They must be kept clean, organized, and in safe working condition at all times through daily maintenance.

Sucro Painting property is for business use only and should not be used for personal projects.  It is the role of the Sales Consultant to ensure these are securely stored when unused.

Sales People must confirm on a monthly basis that all Sucro Painting property is accounted for.  Anything found in need of repair must be reported immediately to the Owner.

Cell Phone & Technology

It is expected that all Sales People maintain an active phone number and have a cell phone capable of facilitating all tasks necessary to perform the role (i.e. Internet access, CRM capability, etc.). If desired, Sucro Painting will provide a cellphone at no charge. Sucro Painting will provide a laptop at no charge.

Sucro Painting will provide the subscriptions necessary to perform the role such as the company’s CRM, estimating software, etc. 

Sales Appointment Presence


All employees are expected to wear a Sucro Painting branded shirt or clothing. Sales People will be given polos upon beginning their employment with Sucro Painting. Closed shoes are required at all times.  


Sales People must adhere to OSHA practices at all times.

Sucro Painting has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol and will terminate this Employment Agreement with cause.  Sucro Painting will prosecute any employee to the full extent of the law who is found to be using either drugs or alcohol during their daily duties.

Respect of Environment

All Sales People must refrain from the use of inappropriate language on and around Sucro Painting job sites and while wearing Sucro Painting attire in the community.


Sick Days

There are not paid sick days. For clarity of communication and maintenance of the customer experience, Sales People must notify the Owner / Clients by 7 am if they are sick and require a day off. A doctor’s note will be required for illnesses requiring more than 3 days off. 

Late Policy

Sales People are expected to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of all scheduled Sales Appointments.  Sales People must notify their scheduled customer(s) as soon as possible if they are going to be late.

Staff Meetings

Attendance to all staff meetings and training sessions is mandatory.

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