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By this point I’m sure you have read a lot of ads that say very nice things about their practices. And we all know there are number of nice practices out there. We think a little bit differently and want you to know that. We’re confident that this difference in approach results in our seeing six times the average number of new patients than is typical in our area and in experiencing the results that come from that.

1. Money. Let’s get money out of the way first. You can easily earn two or even three times what the average dentist with your experience earns if that is a goal. You will have all sorts of benefits such as 401k and health insurance. That’s the easy part.

2. If you’re reading this because of the money, please stop here. As productive as we may be, we’re not about the money. I am being 100% honest here. If money is first and foremost your primary interest, do not apply for this position! We’ll figure you out.

3. We are very strong on culture. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination a dogmatic culture, but we have simple pursuits that we are committed to. The most important being happiness. We will not knowingly pursue treatment for dental patients who are not committed to being happy. We will not continue to employ a coworker no matter how productive or talented who is not committed to being happy with their life and surroundings no matter how difficult the circumstance. We do difficult dentistry; that’s enough of a commitment.

4. Systems. Our founder has spent decades developing the most effective means of delivering quality dental care, concepts which are taught nationwide. The systems are simple, easy to learn and highly productive. We are always improving our systems but we do this in a scientific manner and are unwilling to allow a chaotic environment to disrupt the success that we enjoy. You need to be comfortable taking a team approach to the practice of dentistry.

5. Flexibility. We are all about the customer. We work early hours, late hours, the more flexible the better in this post covid environment. 

6. Management. We’re good. We really don’t need a lot of help in this area. If you’re sure that what you’d be happiest with managing a practice rather than practicing dentistry then this is probably not the place for you. Our founder jokes that what he wanted was to be an associate in a practice like this forever. He just could never find one so he had to go make it.

If you think that you are committed to loving the practice of dentistry beyond your wildest imagination, to working surrounded by happy caring coworkers and are willing to learn a system of production much as you would if you became a Toyota or Apple team member, then please, contact us. We look forward to meeting rare individuals like you.

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