Dental Assistant - Mesa, AZ

1457 W Southern Ave #18 Mesa, AZ 85202 • Customer Service • Healthcare • Full-Time

Salary Range:  $17 - $25 hour

About Us

Magic Smiles – Mesa is located just east of Mesa Community College. The office is located very close to the US60 and Loop 101. Interestingly - the office is an old bank that was converted to a dental office. Our office manager’s office is in the vault – with a huge secure door an all. Outside of that, however, the office is a modern dental office that is clean and brimming with the best patients in town.

Magic Smiles operates 4 other dental offices in the valley (Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa). At Magic Smiles we believe in delivering high quality and dignified dentistry to all who walk through our doors. The office manager, dentist, and dental assistants have been at the practice for many years and are excited to bring a new team member into the ‘family’.

Core Values

At Magic Smiles we believe in treating patients – regardless of economic status – with the highest quality dentistry. Because of this, we pride ourselves on upholding the following values in everything we do:

  • Dignified and consistent patient care and treatment
  • Friendly, encouraging, and understanding engagement with patients
  • Compliance with state and dental standards
  • Efficient and quality dental services
  • Respect the clock – our time, dentist’s time, and patient’s time
  • Teamwork is not just a good idea, it is required
  • Seek to understand first – them help fix the problem

We all share these core values - and so will the next team member we bring on!

A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant Team Member at Magic Smiles:

On any given day you can expect to encounter the following:

  • Arriving 15 minutes before patients arrive to participate in a morning huddle and be ready to go
  • Working with a driven team
  • Caring for patients who have no insurance, state insurance, and private insurance
  • Working in an office that sees families – kids and adults of all ages
  • Treating every patient with exception customer service and respect
  • Assisting in dental treatments for 20 - 40 patients each day
  • Interfacing with patients in a professional manner
  • Multitasking between different roles at the same time
  • Navigating solutions independently to serve patient requests
  • Assisting with presenting treatments plans and calming fears of patients
  • Assisting with all dental related tasks – treatments, hygiene, sterile, lab, etc.
  • Organizing supplies, ordering supplies, prepping and turning over rooms

This role is for you if…

  • You love working in a fast paced and dynamic environment
  • You thrive when you are challenged to learn something new and take on new roles
  • You enjoy honest and timely communication
  • You love working with young patients
  • You can’t live without honest feedback
  • You absolutely love dentistry
  • You are able to prioritize your workload in an efficient manner
  • You are able to multitask, and accomplish multiple projects at the same time
  • Excellence in customer service drives you
  • You are comfortable speaking in front of others or groups of people
  • You demonstrate a positive attitude, self-motivation, organization, and resourcefulness
  • You are driven by results, solutions, and impact

This role is not for you if…

  • You're not energized by working with and helping people
  • You treat this position as a job and not a career
  • You prefer working independently vs. collaborating with a team
  • You need silence and consistency to work your best
  • You are frequently late or have personal responsibilities that require you to miss work
  • You do not enjoy working with the Hispanic community

What Winning Looks Like

We support you in winning by reviewing metrics related to production, customer satisfaction, cleanliness, and everything related to dental assisting in order to set you up to succeed!

Seamless patient experiences are created for every patient every time.

You can manage your workload in a fashion that eliminates the need to work outside of shift hours.

Deal Breakers

  • You don’t like dentistry
  • You are a criminal
  • You are not a human

What’s Next?

Still want to join our team? Great! If you enjoy working with driven team members and are looking to make a difference in the community, apply today! We take culture very seriously, and because of that when it’s right, it’s right. If after reading the full job description you are thinking, “this sounds PERFECT for me”, then we want to get to know you. When you join the team here at Magic Smiles you can expect every day to be a fun adventure that you get to experience with a driven group of really cool people. We strive to be the best version of ourselves and hope you will too.

Apply now for this position. If we think you’re a great fit, we will reach out to you within 24 – 48 hours to set up a phone interview.

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