Dental Hygienist

1701 E. Thomas Rd. #204 Phoenix, AZ 85016

  • Actively participate in the Perfect Patient Experience™ by striving to keep your patients focused on optimal treatment while attending to their individual concerns and promoting the good qualities of your doctor
  • Develop and take x-rays
  • Remove deposits and strains from teeth by scaling and root planning
  • Full mouth debridement
  • Perio charting
  • Select and use appropriate fluoride treatments and polish tooth restorations
  • Assist dentist with exams and health education in the prevention and control of dental caries (decay) and gum disease.
  • Obtain and review dental history and/or records from patient (review patient health history and care slips). Ensure that the health history is updated for all returning patients
  • Developing care plans for maintain good oral hygiene on an individual basis
  • Maintain strict compliance with State, Federal, and other regulations, (e.g., OSHA, WC, Dental Board, HIPAA, ADA, FEHA, DOL, HR policies and practices)


Location: Phoenix, AZ
Employment Type: Full-Time
Skill Level: Not Applicable
Functions: Healthcare

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