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Culture Profile

We aren't your traditional consulting agency. We know, we know - they all say that. Don't get us wrong; we obviously have similarities. We all want to do good work, hire the best talent, and build strong reputations, blah, blah, blah. But at FIG, we really are different. We don't believe in building client rosters so we can brag to prospective clients. Pull new graduates from college, then work them to death. Or have a team too big for anyone to shine truly. Nah. Not our thing. 

Our thing is BRAND. Period.

Our thing is CULTURE for real.

You should probably know this about us - we hate buzzwords. We also aren't a fan of trends. Oh, and we laugh at the predictable.

Diversity is woven into our everyday lives and the decisions we make. And inclusion...that's our jam. No one on the team is better than the next, except our President cause she's just dope. All jokes aside, it's about the ideas and collectively how we tie them to brand. Tie them to culture. We show up like superheroes reporting to a cover job - meaning we bring our A-game every single day, and everybody shines.

We believe that creating a brand is powerful and damn fun! We also believe that brands have a responsibility to deliver on their promises. FIG sits smack dab in the middle of creation and delivery. When done correctly, a brand has the power to inspire and even challenge people. With us so far?!

This is not the company for someone that knows it all and prefers to work alone. At FIG, we are a unit. Period. We're building a strong team of professionals with unique talents, the ability to challenge themselves and each other to build brands, create kickass visuals, and tell dope stories. We are a small firm, meaning you will work and often have to switch hats, shields, Batmobiles, whatever your thing is. 

So that you know, we only work with companies that take their core values as seriously as we do. That doesn't mean we want SJW's,  because we don't. Bring your passion, leave the politics at home. 

Now you know a little about us, tell us about you.

And remember, we're looking for A-team, so if you're a benchwarmer (no shade), save yourself the trouble and apply somewhere else.