Nutritionist / Supplement Sales

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

What Are We About?

Have you ever been into a supplement store and wondered why the person working there is out of shape and pushing with sales. That's the issue we aim to solve. Our team of NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist will guide the customer on a journey of success.


Follow the role process with every customer (your guide to ask the right questions)

Follow the daily checklist 

Meet people in the local community


Sensory accuity

Working with people 

Asking questions 

Active listening

Supplement and Nutrition Knowledge

How we teach you

Your first 90 days at Peak is where we make you a leader in the fitness industry. 

3 books you have to read

You will be given a daily journal that shows you how to track your habits and be more productive.

We will pay for you to become a NASM Certified Sports Nutritionist




  1. Humble - do you have the ability to accept criticism as a tool to improve and not feel the need to

be resentful. Also, understanding that you can learn something from everybody and not feel

entitled over others regardless of position.


  1. Hungry - do you have the drive to achieve the same goal as everyone else on the team? It is

important to share the same motivating factor amongst all team members in order to work

cohesively, together, as a unit.


  1. Smart - Having sensory acuity, being able to engage in comfortable conversation with people.

Acknowledging awkward interactions and having the ability to change subject to something more

comfortable for the other person.

These are also our core values. What we hire and fire by. Follow these and you will grow.


Before Your First Interview


We require all candidates to fully complete a personality survey which will highlight your personality type

and traits. Culture is something we take seriously and we want to make sure everyone works cohesively.

Take the short 15 min. survey online at and email your results to before interviewing.


Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: $15 - $20 /per hour
Skill Level: Entry Level
Categories: Retail

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