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Prism Financial Concepts is changing the way financial services are delivered to, and utilized by, entrepreneurs and investors.

Our mission is to empower savvy entrepreneurs and investors to make the best use of their capital through financial education, in partnership with their advisors. Investment advisors of the firm  do not accept commissions or incentive fees allowing us to provide unbiased and objective perspectives. Our flat fee billing solution is designed to fit a range of needs while maintaining alignment of fees and services provided.

At Prism Financial Concepts we have assembled an exceptional team of financial service professionals who embody our values and fit our client focused culture.  These individuals believe in putting people first in the planning process and the vision of improving their community and the world around them through the work they do with every client.  We are proud of the experience, education and dedication they bring to each and every planning relationship.

Business Development 05.20

5020 E. Shea Blvd, 240 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

An ideal team member is someone interested in developing the skills and experience to become a full time financail advisor and is willing to learn our a new way to conduct business in the financial services industry.


Here's some of what we would look for in an "ideal team member"

  • You posses the right mix of compassion, authenticity, accountability, and confidence to connect with potential customers and direct them seamlessly to us.
  • You are'nt afraid of taking initiative.  
  • Knowing that the advisor has many "irons in the fire" and isn't always in teh office, you're confident to run with a project or task and exhaust all internal and external resources before coming to the advisor for the answer.
  • You desire to make a very real and tangible impact on the organization and the clients we serve and understandyour value to a growting team.
  • You don't need someone to tell you step-by-step how to solve a problem.  You strive for continuous improvement in processses and procedures and rearely let things slip through the cracks.
  • You know how to prioritize
  • You know there's always room for improvement and are open to constructive feedback. You are also not shy about sharing your thoughts on how to improve client experience.
  • Clients talk about how pleasurable you are both in person and on the phone and how they appreciate that you hold them accountable to the action items we ask them to accomplish as part of our process.

Responsibilities Include

  • Share the company story in your community in order to build a "top of the funnel" pipeline of new customers which may include; speaking, one on one meetings, and following up on warm connectsions from events the company hosts.
  • Learn about the process of data collection, how to use financial planning software, the importance of a CRM and all things financial including investment and business planning concepts.
  • Act as a relationship manager when needed.


Essential Skills

  • Strong interpersonal and telephone communication skills
  • Ability to have a high level of authentic and compassionate conversation with prospective clients.
  • Previous experience in CRM database management (redtail preferred).
  • Be comfortable and proficient using Windows and cloud based tools.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in MS Office Suite.
  • Dedication to high quality of work and significant attention to detail.
  • Ability to work independently, but also collaborates / communicates well in a team environment.


  • Our compensation package is designed to get you paid while you learn
  • It is based entirely on your ability to find matching candidates for the firm
  • It offers period certian residual income
  • It is designed to grow as you do



Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Employment Type: Contract/Temporary
Skill Level: Entry Level
Categories: Business Services, Sales

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