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Executive Assistant

North Vancouver, BC V7L 0A3

Enchant Christmas Light Maze & Market Ltd.

Suite 304 - 901 3rd Street West, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3P9

SCOPE OF WORK – Executive Assistant

Position Title: Executive Assistant (EA)
Reports to: General Manager (GM)
Reports from:
Position Status: Employee 
Date/Revision Date: April 2, 2019


The Executive Assistant will act as the core administrative base for Enchant’s Executive Team: Founder/CEO, Director of Finance, and General Manager (GM). The core function is to assist in the management of day-to-day operations and financial matters by performing administrative tasks for this team, implementing processes, and functioning as an information conduit. This position demonstrates strong office management, organizational skills, report development, financial literacy, as well as strengths in planning and problem-solving. The EA will manage data sets and access points for the executive team’s management tools, including communication, project management, data banks, contracts, customer resource management and other as yet identified tools to ensure access and reliability for successful operations. The EA will facilitate logistical planning (travel), human resource procedures, Standard Operating Procedures and maintain these files within the company’s archive system. The EA will report directly the General Manager and will assist with facilitating information monitoring, retrieval, and dissemination between the Director of Finance (and executive team) and departments. This position will need to have intimate knowledge of the operations of each department with a focus on administrative processes, deadlines, and budget management. This position must readily adapt to change and demonstrate the ability to navigate complex priorities and timelines. The EA is skillful and dedicated with extensive experience in the coordination, planning and support of daily operational and administrative functions in a highly confidential environment.


Assist the Executive Team in the day to day operation of Enchant.

  1. Assist the Executive Team in the comprehensive execution of all planned activities, based on the System Program Plan (SPP) and all termed strategies/priorities.
  2. Act as the key administrative assistant for budget management.
  3. Update Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) per the Executive Team’s instructions and maintain and administer the SOPs through the department Directors to efficiently and effectively manage Enchant operations following best practices and company standards for excellence.
  4. Assist the GM in human resources needs by administering the protocols and managing information as it pertains to the, on-boarding procedures, training, certifications, and re-certifications for Enchant production staff and contractors.
  5. Work in concert with the DF or her designated appointee to develop, update and implement Enchant’s Policies and Procedures including but not limited to:


  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Accounting Policies and Procedures
  • Government Relations
  1. Work in concert with the GM or his designated appointee to develop, update and implement Enchant’s Policies and Procedures including but not limited to:
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Human Resources
  • Enchant Appreciation Program
  • Public Relations
  1. Assist the Executive Team to administer, in concert with the Department Directors, the procurement process including, bid processes, contract development and execution, and vendor fulfillment.
  2. Provide support for contract fulfilment and budget management for all contracted services.
  3. Continually evaluate processes, policies and procedures to identify opportunities efficiency, innovation, and fiscal benefits for Enchant while prioritizing the brand and user experience.
  4. Administer the recognition of Enchant staff who provide excellent work products through an established Enchant Appreciation Program.


Administration for Executive Team

  1. Route correspondence; draft letters and documents; collect and analyze information; initiate communications, create reports, perform data entry, filing, recording meeting minutes, and other clerical work.
  2. Prepare weekly reports for the Board of Directors.
  3. Prepare documentation such as contractual agreements, credit applications, and various other documents for execution.
  4. Notarize official documents.
  5. Maintain Executive Team’s appointment schedules.
  6. Attend meetings and retrieve work related items in executives’ absence as requested.
  7. HR function assistance to include:
  • Job posting
  • Job description maintenance
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Preparing new hire paperwork; onboarding new hires
  • Process Workers Comp claims as necessary.
  • Update Employee Handbook.


  1. File and retrieve corporate documents, record and report with various governmental agencies, assist in tax issues, vehicle registration, various business insurances, as requested.
  2. Organize travel arrangements for consultants and employees.
  3. Aggregates and reviews consultant and employee expense reports for submission to Finance Department.
  4. Assist the Director of Finance by processing accounts payable and receivable and provide data entry support for Finance Department.
  5. Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing professional networks as requested.



Office Management


  • Open the office each work-day morning.
  • Operate the daily virtual meeting space for remote employees.
  • Greet visitors with scheduled appointments and acts as gate-keeper for entry to office.
  • Collect, open, sort and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email as appropriate.
  • Maintain office supply inventory and ensure operation of office equipment.
  • General Office Management duties.




  • Expert level knowledge of the Google Suite platform and solutions.
  • Expert level knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Expert knowledge of communication and organizational tools: Slack, ASANA,Zoom
  • Proficiency in Canva, Keynote and other presentation solutions a plus
  • 10 years of experience in a professional capacity; or a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, or the equivalent coursework in a related specialized field and five+ years of related experience.


 Five Star Values (required of all Enchant consultants, regardless of position)

  • Exceptional service: Takes assertive action to build internal and external customer relationships and loyalty; meets or exceeds the needs of individuals (i.e., residents, students, program participants and co- workers) and provides satisfaction within available resources.
  • Collaboration: Initiates and participates in mutually beneficial alliances, partnerships and joint work efforts within work group and across department and organizational lines; helps other achieve overall organizational high performance, quality outcomes and Enchant’s goals and objectives.
  • Accountability for Positive Outcomes: Takes personal responsibility for meeting and exceeding goals and standards; acts continuously to improve services; seeks opportunities for continuous development; assumes responsibility for errors and learns from them.
  • Fosters Innovation: Initiates and responds to change positively; seeks and recommends or implements creative improvements in services; encourages and applies out-of-the-box thinking; challenges current practices when they are counter to goal achievement; focuses on doing the right things as well as doing things right to accomplish strategic objectives.
  • Values Company Family: Creates an atmosphere of accepting all others; treats co-workers, interns, volunteers, program participants, visitors, and business partners with dignity and respect; continually strives to include all others to produce higher quality services; builds positive, productive work relationships.


(Required of all Enchant consultants, regardless of position.)

  • Follows all departmental/company policies and procedures, setting an example by actions, interactions, and reactions, and makes suggestions for improvements.
  • Follows safety rules and guidelines.
  • Participates in the execution of emergency management plan and can locate what to do in the plan for various events.
  • Follows requirements of Enchant Employee Handbook including attendance, demeanor, and work habits to the extent applicable to Consultants.
  • Acts in accordance with the Mission and Attributes, Core Values of Enchant at all times.
  • Is proactive in promoting the vision of Enchant and experience of each persons served.
  • Reports incidents of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment promptly.
  • Adheres to Policy on Ethical Conduct and reports violations.
  • Executes responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Location: North Vancouver, BC
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: $60000 - $65000 /per year
Skill Level: Mid-Senior Level
Categories: Administrative, Business Services, Entertainment

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