Thrift Shop Manager

Phoenix, AZ 85068

Position Summary

We need a hands-on, self-starting Thrift Shop Manager with 2-3 years or more experience in nonprofit thrift shop.  Duties: store maintenance, merchandising, volunteer oversight and mentoring, inventory management, donation sorting, and fiscal controls like pricing, promotions, store security, cash handling and reporting. Hard worker needed for busy shop

  • Great interpersonal and communication skills necessary.  Proven success working with volunteers and retail customers. Ability to handle difficult situations.
  • Open, regular communication with the team and management is essential.
  • Recruiting and networking skills preferred.
  • eBay and other related online sales apps experience a plus.
  • Vehicle and Arizona driver’s license needed for close by off-site storage transports (mileage reimbursed) and supply pickups.
  • Drug testing / background check required.
  • 40 hours per week.  Current days of operation Weds—Friday 11 am to 4 pm and Saturday 10 am – 5pm. 
  •  References required
  • Salary based on experience and ability to grow our business

Essential Functions


1.                   Store Management & Merchandising

a.       Maintain and implement written procedures for store operations, including opening, and closing the store; procedures for accepting, sorting, pricing donations; security procedures, handling of cash, and other relevant procedures as needed. Identifies and communicates needs for additional procedures as needed. 

b.       Oversees the processing of donated items, manages the rotation of items and the disposal of donated items in a timely fashion.

c.       Coordinates and oversees the transfer of out of season and excess merchandise to off-site storage facility. Ensures items diverted meet criteria for storage (quality, market value, and market appeal).  Maintains and communicates criteria and standards for storage and packing.

d.       Oversees the storage and organization of off-site merchandise to ensure FIFO access, with regard to store merchandise needs, and limit storage costs.

e.       Responsible to either shuttle items to storage and back to shop or organize for volunteer support of this function.  About 10-20 boxes per week need transport either to and/or from storage. Storage is 1 mile from shop.

f.       Manages & replenishes supply inventory or submits request for purchase as necessary.

g.       Ensure store is maintained (clean, operational).  Maintenance includes filter changed in HVAC returns, lighting functional, broken items repaired, routine HVAC servicing, annual security system check ups, etc.

h.        Monitors daily cash handling and reporting of sales for accuracy.  Implements training and/or procedures to reduce issues and errors.

j.       Communicates safety and security concerns and shoplifting events to BOD liaison. 

k.       Experience with cash registers, credit card terminals and other point of sale devices (square, fobs, mobile apps, etc.). Ability to work with vendor technical support to resolve issues and update hardware and software. Ability to quickly implement use of PayPal Here, or other designated backup device for main system outages.

l.        Maintains records of suppliers, vendors, and affiliates.

2.                   Team Management

a.       Assists with the recruitment, evaluation and training of volunteers.  Liaises with BOD representative for needed support.

b.       Develops schedules, using When-I-Work application (or approved equivalent), to maintain adequate coverage.

c.       Provides supervision for volunteers. Supervision to include regular and ongoing monitoring of work and contribution to morale; and timely reporting to BOD Liaison of performance excellence or disciplinary issues.

d.       Maintains current knowledge of policies and procedures as they relate to volunteers; monitor volunteers for adherence to policies and procedures; take corrective action as necessary to ensure compliance.

e.       Conducts regularly scheduled communication with team to provide direction, guidance and oversight.

f.        Consults with team on a regular basis, addressing concerns and sharing ideas.

g.       Provides timely direction and written and verbal feedback to team.  Provides timely and appropriate recognition to team and specific members. 

h.       Ensures team is fully trained and competent to perform the elements of their job.

i.        Ensures team is knowledgeable of and compliant with policies and procedures.


3.                   Marketing & Promotion

a.       Oversees the display of merchandise inside the store to enhance the appearance and appeal of the store.

b.       Designs promotions and themes,.

c.       Oversees and administers Facebook page and also posts relevant merchandise on Offerup and/or similar sites. Responsible to increase Facebook contacts (likes and engagement).

d.       Identifies and suggests needs for marketing via Constant Contact, local newspapers (advertisements and Press Releases), and other means.


4.                   Customer Service

a.       Provide service to internal and external customers according to standards and ensures team follows same standards.

b.     Promote excellence in the customer service experience for all visitors to the thrift store.

Other Responsibilities


1.                   Weekly status reports citing accomplishments, issues, recommendations.

2.                   Network with other Thrift Shops for industry and market trends and knowledge.

3.                   Participate in network group events or other forums for volunteer recruitment.

4.                   Perform other duties as required.


Education, Experience, and Skills Required

1.                College education desirable or equivalent experience.

2.                Experience in retail management (2+ years) and supervision of staff (2+ years) preferable. 

3.          2 years minimum Experience in retail, thrift shop, or related industry.

3.                Experience overseeing volunteers a plus.

4.                Experience in a non-profit organization.

5.                Reliable and trustworthy; sound decision-making skills.

6.                Strong verbal, writing & organizational skills.

7.                Basic computer knowledge (use of web browser, email and word processor, database and spreadsheet),social media (Facebook, Instagram), and ability to learn new applications (When-I-Work, OfferUp, etc.).

8.                Knowledge of budget management, bookkeeping, and projections.

9.                Demonstrated ability to serve clients in a professional, welcoming, and efficient manner.

10.            Cooperative, friendly, and helpful attitude with clients and co-workers.  Ability to work closely with other volunteers to ensure positive, constructive environment within the shop, and throughout parent organization.

11.            Ability to thrive in a flexible, fast-paced and growth-oriented environment, while maintaining a sense of humor and a positive, solution-oriented approach.

12.            Passion and enthusiasm for the mission of the organization and its supporters.

13.            Ability to maintain a flexible schedule with availability to work weekends and/or evenings, as needed.

14.            Ability to work independently and in a team setting.

15.            Valid Arizona driver’s license and legally required insurance.


Performance Requirements

Metrics for sales volume, volunteer recruitment, networking, social media exposure and other relevant activities will be jointly established. Seasonally adjusted sales volume must at a minimum meet existing levels.


Physical Requirements

1.                   Requires ability to stand up to 5-7 hours per day with frequent walking, standing, bending, squatting, pulling and pushing.

2.                   Requires ability to keyboard at computer for up to 1 hours per day.

3.                   Occasionally may be required to lift items up to 10 pounds to a height up to 6 feet and 11-25 pounds to a height of 3 feet.

4.                   Occasionally may be required to carry items up to 30 pounds for distances up to 25 feet.


Schedule Expectations


Current hours of operation are Wednesday-Friday 11-4pm.  Required to both ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ store these days.  Typically, it is necessary to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before opening and it will take a minimum of 30 minutes following official store closing time to complete store ‘close’ duties.  Store is also open Saturday 10-5pm, with same allowances of pre-open and post-closing duties. Position is expected to be at shop each day of operation, with possible gaps for storage and supply runs.  It is estimated that the scheduling effort may take up to 2-3 hours per week.  Supply replenishment and storage runs can normally be handled during store opening hours, assuming there is adequate volunteer support.   



Location: Phoenix, AZ
Employment Type: Full-Time
Skill Level: Associate

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