Dental Hygienist

Salt Lake City, UT 84109 • Customer Service • Part-Time

Salary Range: 

$38 - $40 hour

We’re looking for a registered Dental Hygienist to join our growing team! You’ll complete initial patient screenings, conduct dental cleanings, and assist dentists with examinations. This dental hygienist should have incredible customer service skills and a passion for providing excellent dental services. If you love helping people and want to work alongside a group of experienced dental professionals, apply today!

HOURS REQUIRED: Wednesday 8am-4pm with a 1 hour lunch

Dental Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning accretions, calcareous deposits, and stains of teeth and beneath gum borders with dental equipment     

  • Touching lymph nodes under patients’ chins for soreness or swelling so doctors can look for signs of mouth cancer     

  • Making a note of and evaluating the patient’s medical history 

  • Recording dental decay and disease for dentists to diagnose and treat them      

  • Sharpening and sterilizing dental instruments 

  • Working to improve patient oral health and promoting preventative dental treatment     

  • Collaborating with dentist for treatment     

  • Maintaining a patient dental hygiene regimen

Dental Hygienist Requirements:

  • An associate’s degree in hygiene from a recognized institution is required

  • Hygiene license issued by the state.

  • CPR certification is current

  • Hepatitis B immunization is current

  • Must be able to give local anesthetics and use an x-ray machine

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, and interpersonal)

  • Must be well-versed in oral hygiene and dental health topics

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