Registered Dental Hygienist

690 SW Higgins Ave Ste H Missoula, MT 59803 • Customer Service • Healthcare • Full-Time

Salary Range:  $40 - $50 hour

Dental Hygienist

At Missoula Dental, we're not just a dental practice, we're a community of dedicated professionals working together to create a culture of care and support. Our team values collaboration, empathy, and a shared commitment to providing exceptional dental care to our diverse patient base.

Dental Hygienist Position Overview:

We're searching for a Dental Hygienist who embodies our team's collaborative spirit. You'll be an integral part of a culture that thrives on mutual respect, open communication, and teamwork. You'll contribute to our goal of providing top-tier oral care while upholding our unique team culture.

Dental Hygienist Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct thorough dental cleanings and comprehensive oral assessments.
  • Perform precise and patient-focused dental X-rays, prioritizing shared decision-making.
  • Apply fluoride and sealants, respecting each patient's preferences and needs.
  • Educate and engage patients in their oral care journey.
  • Maintain hygiene instruments and equipment, understanding the significance of a well-functioning collaborative environment.

Dental Hygienist Qualifications:

  • Completion of an accredited dental hygiene program.
  • State dental hygiene license reflecting your dedication to collaborative care.
  • Proficiency in conducting X-rays while prioritizing patient comfort and involvement.
  • Extensive knowledge of oral hygiene practices with a collaborative and inclusive approach.
  • Stellar communication skills, fostering a culture of open dialogue and teamwork.
  • A team-oriented mindset, recognizing the power of collaboration in achieving exceptional patient care.

Dental Hygienist Benefits:

  • Competitive compensation that acknowledges your vital role in our collaborative culture.
  • Health and dental benefits.
  • Paid time off 
  • Holiday and Birthday pay!
  • Ongoing educational opportunities 
  • Simple IRA 

If you're a Dental Hygienist who excels in a collaborative environment, where unity, mutual respect, and teamwork are the driving forces behind exceptional patient care, we warmly invite you to apply. Please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing how your collaborative spirit resonates with the culture at Missoula Dental.  

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