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Fairmount Painting - Serving Cleveland, OH 

"GOOD PAY AND A GREAT PLACE TO WORK !" -- JAKE, long-term foreman at Fairmount Painting

 This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for good pay and long-term employment!

 Pay ranges $15 - $25 per hour + bonus.

Benefits include:

  • Paid training for career advancement.
  • Paid training to increase hourly pay rate.
  • Paid holidays

 Job Title: Residential Painter

 Business Overview

Fairmount Painting is a family owned and operated residential painting company. Serving Cleveland’s historic east side suburbs and beyond, our mission is to provide highly skilled and competent and painting services while also providing friendly and trustworthy customer service. With our excellent craftsmanship and positive attitudes, our goal is to leave our costumers happy and confident they made the very best choice of painters when they chose Fairmount Painting.

 Position Overview

Employees of Fairmount Painting are on the front line of accomplishing this goal. As a homeowner, it is a big deal to get your house painted - or even just a room in the house. The cost is substantial and picking a contractor is worrisome. Then they worry about how the job is going to go – What kind of painters are going to show up? Are they going to do a good job? Will they clean up their mess? Can I trust that they won’t damage our property?

In general, we are working in or around well-kept homes in wealthy neighborhoods – some more so, some less. Most of our customers are friendly, good-natured and a pleasure to work for. Nonetheless, they are expecting a tremendous amount from us and it is important to provide them with the very best at all times.

 Responsibilities and skills:

Beyond basic painting skills, s a painter in our company, you will be responsible for many things including the basics of showing up on time and adherence to dress codes. Look professional! Dress for success. Like it or not, people judge you based on appearance. The first impression you make on the customer is when you are walking up their driveway - make it a good one! How you look is important! Maintain a clean and neat personal appearance.

Wear white painter’s paints or shorts. These must be worn above the waist at all times without sagging low to expose underwear and buttocks. Use a belt if needed. Wear a clean (laundered) plain white t-shirt. No tank tops or “wife-beaters”. Shirts must be worn at all times. We provide t-shirts and other gear with company logo.

Attitude is everything – Sasha Azevedo. Maintain a positive and friendly attitude toward customers, neighbors, and fellow employees. “Good morning”, “Please”, “Thanks”, “Have a good day” – are important words to use when dealing with anyone at the job site.  Arrive to work ready to work. Look forward to a productive, well-planned day.

Act decent and polite at all times. No vulgarity around customers, neighbors, or children. Use common sense, be aware of who is around and remember we are working at someone’s home. The customers are often home and the neighbors and children are often within earshot.  We are professional painters; we act as professionals.

Be on time. If you are going to be late, even a few minutes, call or text the crew leader and let them know. They are planning the day and counting on you to be there.  Chronic tardiness will likely result in termination.

If you are going to be absent without previous notice, call or text. If you know you need a day off in the future, let your crew leader and the office  know – it is not a problem. Being absent without notice is a problem.

Fairmount Painting pays for 30 minutes of “down time” during an 8 hour work day. You can take a couple of 15-minute breaks or a 30 minute lunch and be paid for it. Any “down time” beyond 30 minutes will not be paid. For example, if you take a couple of 15-minute breaks and a 45 minute lunch run off site, you do not get paid for that 45 minutes. It is up to you to be honest, and report correct hours to paid. All hours on a job are being accounted for by both the crew leaders and the office. Discrepancies will become evident.

At the end of each work day, text your hours to office phone. For example, “8 – 4:30, ½ lunch, 8 hours”. The crew leader is also taking note of all hours worked on the Job Tracking Form.   

You will get paid by direct deposit weekly on Friday for the previous week’s work.

The work week is Monday through Sunday for record keeping purposes. We generally work M – F between the hours of 7 am – 5 pm. We sometimes work weekends.

 Desired Experience:

At least 1 year of experience with a professional painting company.

We do make exceptions.

Benefits include:

  • Paid training for career advancement.
  • Paid training to increase hourly pay rate.
  • Paid holidays
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